Look, this being the internet and all, I will try to be low with the bio and succinct with the flavour.

Assuming you’ve clicked on About you have some questions! So, here are some answers:

  • Hi! I’m Amit, a professional game developer and software engineer from Israel.

  • I am interested in challenges like creating tools for level design, shader programming, 3d software rendering, procedural generation, mobile games performance optimization, constraint-based-game-programming, and AI systems.

  • I am programming-language / ecosystem agnostic. I’ve programmed web-scraping bots in Python, games in Unity, fullstack projects in Angular/Ruby-on-Rails, photo processing in Matlab. I’ve seen some s$#@!

  • I currently own 7 mechanical keyboards. I wonder if my 1986 Model M qualifies; if it does then I own 8.

  • In my limited spare time I learn Japanese (via a wicked combination of Duolingo, WaniKani, KaniWani, Anki Flashcards of Genki I && II and Tandem). しかし、私はまだ上手していません.

  • Mezookan is Hebrew for ‘bearded’. My strength stems from my beard.

Even more questions?

You are welcome to contact me.