These are (some) of the assets I use when I make games with Unity. They are categorized freeformly by I how I see them.

When I will finish my post about assets (based on a talk I gave at MakeGamesJLM), I will also link it here and add some information about each asset and why it’s worth your money. But for now, just know that an asset marked with :pizza: means that it’s great for game jams!

A short disclaimer - the asset store links are affiliated links. If you end up buying the asset through them you pay the same, but I a percentage of that… Which I can re-invest in other Unity Assets! And cover them for this blog. A good deal all around.

Unity Packages

These can be installed using the Unity Package Manager and are worth their weight in gold. Well, they are just a few megs each.






Tilemap Editor


Inspector & Editor extensions

Odin Inspector

Rainbow Folders 2

Rainbow Hierarchy 2

Animations & Juice

DOTween :pizza:

Text Animator :pizza:


Programming Libraries

These are packages that can help you program a bit smarter or faster. Or cleaner. We love SOLID programming here!




These are systems you really don’t want to re-create for every game. At least while prototyping. Things like controllers, save system, etc..





All-in-1-shader :pizza:

Asset Packs

These packs contain many assets that are either great for beginners, programmers or just ‘lazy devs’. They are also have to be versatile, extendable, and easy to use to get here.

Kenney’s Game Assets :pizza:

Epic Toon FX :pizza:


These are whole gameplay systems that are worth looking into if you are not interested in writing an entire engine for a prototype or even a small game.

Dialogue System + Yarn Spinner

Master Audio


Steamworks Complete - the one-stop-shop for steam releases. Integrate with Achievements, chat, voice, Cloud Saves, and everything else Steam-related.

Novel Abilities

These assets do either something special, that is either hard to reproduce, or just doesn’t worth the time for most people to try to.

Curved World - if you don’t have the time to develop your own complex vertex displacement shader - you can use this to create mind-bending-inception-inspired effects. Or simply light-bend the event horizon.