There’s a link to literally every possible social network I’m receiving messages on in the footer of this page. Feel free to ask questions, submit your remarks, and invite me to jam with you on your games!

The best thing you could do, is to play my games on and give me some feedback on them!

But don’t try to sell me stuff. I already have a dirty Mechanical Keyboards obsession, and no money for anything else. Unless you have a KeyCult up for grabs, perhaps?

Contact forms remind me of the days I had to wait for my mom to get off the line so I can go back to ICQ. Maybe I should get a bot here, that’s cool in 2020, right? (jeez I hope you’re not from the far far future where bots are no longer servants).

But I’m lazy. Maybe I should just add a cute bot here instead. Cute, un-harmful, completely innocent service bot. Boop!

Hello Human